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The 2012 Digital Marketer Trend and Benchmark Report

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Critical insights and trends every marketer needs to know.  Get inspired now!

Download available.

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Dad sues school district after son is punished for cheating

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​A father is suing his son’s Northern California school district for throwing the boy out of an honors English class after he was caught cheating.

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Sugar Daddies

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The old, white, rich men who are buying this election.

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Super Easy Flash Banners & More Stuff to Add to Any Website With Easy Embed Code.

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Here are some examples of banner ads, flash headers, and other types of flash content, such as microsites and CD presentations. Flash banner ad examples.

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Anti-Smoking TV Ads From Tobacco Industry Don’t Help. Imagine That! — – MSN Health & Fitness

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However study found media campaigns from other sponsors were effective…

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Perfect site-builder for those with no web experience.

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If you can write an email, you can create your own website! 

Also serves as a great editor for those who code. One-click toggle between HTML, Java, CSS (whatever code you want) and visual editors with all the stuff you don’t want to have to think about organized to help you keep your sanity.

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Coffee seduction scam blows holes… in wallets

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By Bose Chan

15 suspects were detained by Shanghai police in connection with an alleged coffee bar charging exorbitant prices for their coffee (and other items) to customers after luring them in with young women.

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Not Like The Rest of Us: POLITICIANS ALLOWED TO PAY DEBT WHENEVER THEY FEEL LIKE IT. No “due date” for Bachmann Campaign Debt, Says Paul Ryan.

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TDF Comments:  Unlike regular citizens who must pay their bills on time to maintain a decent credit score that reflects on their character, ability to obtain a job, keep a job, rent an apartment or buy a car — politicians, like Bachmann can pay their campaign debt “whenever they feel like it — or never”.

The story (Huffington Post)

…Paul Ryan, the associate legal counsel at the nonpartisan Campaign Legal Center, said he’s not surprised Bachmann is concentrating on building cash for her congressional re-election effort rather than paying off her presidential campaign debt.

“Any politician’s first priority is going to be fueling their future political ambitions, not dealing with their failed past political ambitions,” Ryan said.

Ryan said Bachmann can pay her presidential campaign debt whenever she wants to. Some campaigns never pay off their debt. Bachmann insists she’ll make good on her presidential campaign bills.

Ryan said she can worry about the debt after she’s re-elected to Congress.

“Raising money for old debt isn’t much fun. That being said, when someone remains in office they are typically capable of raising money to retire old debt as well as to fund future campaigns because what a lot of donors really want is access to and influence over office holders and they don’t much care what the money is being used for,” Ryan said.

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Octomom or OctoNUTS?

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Octomom pays $500+ for a haircut while getting food stamps and refusing to pay $150 to have a toilet in her home repaired.

Her Bizarre Actions Make Headlines & Potentially Hurt Millions Including her 14 Kids.

The woman is obviously in need of mental health care and the social workers who investigated her probably need to rethink their position.

There are plenty of people who have lost their jobs or who cannot find jobs who need food stamps and heathcare that they cannot receive — yet OctoMom is allowed to receive money for photo-spreads and phone sex while more and more reports show she isn’t taking care of her children.

Republican extreme conservatives are bound to use this as yet another example of how the food stamp program is abused.

Let’s get the facts straight that there are plenty of people who are on very fixed incomes who don’t even qualify for food stamps or subsidized basic health care.

Underemployed families who used to have better paying jobs are paying off upside-down mortgages, paying for thier kids food with whatever they got and trying to make it to the end of the recession — they don’t qualify for food stamps.

This woman is doing harm to her kids and to other well deserving families who may find themselves in need of temporary help during a period of unemployment or disability.

The social workers should revisit this case and get this woman off the dole while providing a safer haven for her kids.

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In their eyes, the beauty of the system that Wall Street has created is “middle-class serfdom”. Why Wall Street’s Elite Do Know How Much Damage They’ve Done

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With 1 out of every 7 Americans now relying on food stamps, 25 million children homeless and 46.2 million Americans living below the official poverty line, the highest number in the 52 years, we almost hope that Wall Street execs are unconscious of the consequences of their actions. But they do.


In their eyes, the beauty of the system that Wall Street has created is “middle-class serfdom,” as Dan Alpert, a former managing partner of the New York investment bank Westwood Capital coined it.


While many of us are focused on the practical and structural problems our society and economy, we can’t avoid a much more difficult conversation about ethics and morals. Business hides behind the law to avoid the conversation about greed and how perfectly legal practices destroy the fabric of our society. While we often talk about “externalizing costs,” we rarely discuss the collateral damage and unintended consequences of a society that has removed ethical responsibility from the conversation.



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