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Fox Nation: So this is what they do over there at Fox….

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I thought they tout themselves as a family values news source.

Or maybe this is more about their War on Women.



TourĂ© Slams Piers Morgan on His Own Show Over the Facts of the Trayvon Martin Case

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On last night’s Piers Morgan Tonight, Piers got into it with MSNBC’s Touré, who was extremely annoyed about the way Piers had handled his interview with George Zimmerman’s brother, Robert, the previous night.


Keith Olbermann Fired: War With Current Just Getting Started

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Keith Olbermann may have departed from Current, but the war between the two sides is just getting started.


Farmer deploys guard bees to deter would-be scrap thieves

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Organic vegetable farmer Gus Nawara is tired of thieves scavenging his collection of old farming equipment. “When times got tough like they have recently, I could scrap out some of it,” he told KENS in Houston.


EARTH HOUR in California… it will still be light out @ 8:30 p.m. EDST

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Find out how Earth Hour began and why it continues to inspire.


Earth Hour: Is that 8:30 p.m. PDST?

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Confused writer wants to turn lights on for the World Wildlife Fund’s Earth Hour.  Tonight at 8:30 p. m.


Winning Lottery Ticket in Maryland, Not California.

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That’s good to know…  my husband accidentally left his ticket in his jeans and washed it before the draw.

Just so you know — unlike real money, a lottery ticket will completely disintegrate is a washer.

(Must be the Tide)

Here’s the backstory:

1 ticket sold in Maryland matched all 6 numbers in Friday night’s record-breaking $640 million Mega Millions lottery, according to the Maryland Lottery.